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    The operation of the new boards is the same as the TW2 or AQ2100/2400 meaning you will not be required to learn a new controller.

    The new board design replaces the Micro, Power & Connection Boards with 1 main board and 1 Daughter Board and keeping the Display Board and the Transformer Assy.

    The Main board is designed to fit onto the fixings in either the TW2 or AQ2100/2400

    The Daughter board plugs on to the display board as did the old Micro board

    The boards come in either single or four zone.

    Comes with Remote Control facility via Radio with an interface or mobile phone.

    List Price Single Zone £899

    List Price Four Zone   £999


    TWII & AQ2100/2400 Retrofit Boards

    Give your old controller a new lease of life